DoorStop Alarm Combo Gadget for Corona Lockdown

The door stopper uses a sensor that detects pressure to trigger the alarm. We checked it with all sorts of doors, and on both concrete and wood floors. The anti-slip padding at the bottom prevents opening of the door. We used it on vinyl, carpet floors as well and it completely avoids opening the screen. The machine has a toggle on and off, and low battery indicator.

This system needs neither wires nor tough installations. It derives its power from one nine-volt battery, this is not a part of this kit, you will have to buy it individually. The pressure-sensitive alarm should be mounted in an area at the bottom of your building. Then the tool will give

This is an alarm which is primed to 120 dB. The alarm will avoid opening the door. You can take this door stop warning with you while you’re driving. Everything you have to do is put it behind the door. If the door begins to open then there’s the exact wedge-shaped mechanism to stop the door from opening. This will set off an alarm of 120 dB. Intruders get afraid of this noise and you are going to get warned, too.

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There is an adjustable sensitivity switch that does not allow interference to happen. There’s an on / off switch that won’t inadvertently make this alarm start sounding. You will need one non-included 9 volt battery. You need to order that separately. This door stop alarm which is among the top 10 door stop alarms.

Intruders are going to run away and you are going to get warned too. A convenient, flexible sensitivity switch is mounted to avoid tampering. When you’re still driving, you should take it with you.

DoorStop Alarm Combo Gadget