Warrior Nun

Definition of a Halo:

This ladies and gentlemen is the halo.. the ring.. It removed four 4 of the attackers fingers.

The Halo is an angels halo and it gives power to it’s user. The Halo is an implant. It is not a digital/electronic/PC type implant.

It is a spiritual, religous, metaphysical, archetypical, esoteric, mystical type of implant. I think this story is based on the Catholic Archetype.

The timing is always important this series was released when?

Ok so all you lovely astrolgogy people. Enjoy this sidereal chart. I think the quick potential significant things to note.

  • The moon is in scorpio – energy is high. the water is deep and hot. Right? Idk
  • Mars is in Pisces. Mars is War. Pisces is spiritual 12th. The All. Religion etc. The theme of the season is like religious war
  • Pluto & Saturn are in line. That amplification of the Right side of God. I think.
  • Neptune is in Retrograde so our happy glasses are off
  • Mercury is in Retrograde so we have a closer connection to Shaman energy.

Venus loves Taurus. So it really is a well timed. Venus in Taurus gets us excited for good entertainment,music, food & wine. Which is now music in Netflix while eating food & wine & probably prescription drugs or weed.

Jupiter loves Sagittarius. Travel philosophy expansion. Half man half horse aiming for the highest star.

Her Birthday is today!! Holy Schmokes… Let’s see her Natal Chart

I don’t know what time of day she is born so the house are most likely completelty off

Mars in Virgo that gives her her innocent ‘can never do wrong’ vibe even when she’s in the heat of it.

  • Pluto Scorpio that’s a special energy. Pluto loves scorpio
  • She has a heavy Capricorn, with Uranus and Jupiter
  • —- Uranus is the Sky God and he pulls us around , he pulls us to where we need to be. He pulls us to the the page or chapter of our story.
  • The Sky God also pulls us to challenges to face fears, to take responisbility. to Comply with contracts etcs.
  • Capricorn is the heaviest earth, So uranus will be pulling Ms.Baptista around the planet to fulfill her destiny.
  • Jupiter is the expansive optimistic. Capricorn likes to be sure footed so it can keep adding to its long horns. So Jupiter is good here if it balances the Capricorn stability

She is a gemini!

Geminis are multi talented and mutable. She can be doing this then that at a blink of a goat. Is there a dual nature to the ‘Warrior Nun’ show. Yes I think there is.

Dual Side 0 – She is a person with a very dark fate. Fighting demons. No choice in the matter, She was thrown into the War without first giving consent.

Dual Side 1 – She is an airhead with a romanticised bucket list. Like the scene where she is saved by the Swarvy Pool Housesitter Swatter guy.

She has a bond, contractm destiny, duty burned into her back. And she also wants to have fun and romance. So thats has set the tone in the first half of the first episode.

Episode 1 : Psalms 46.5

So this is a play on word I thinnk.. God may or may not be withtin her, but there is a angels halo burnt, embedded at the top of her back, so thats somehintg right.

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Hephaestus fell from two crashes on Mount Olympus, both embarrassing and painful — gods shouldn’t experience pain. The first came in the midst of one of their relentless quarrels as Zeus and Hera were back. Hephaestus took a part of his mother, and Zeus threw Hephaestus off Mount Olympus in anger. The plunge lasted a full day, and Hephaestus was nearly dead before it began in Lemnos, so his face and body were forever deformed. There he was tended by the human inhabitants of Lemnos; and when he eventually became the Olympians’ wine steward, he became a subject of mockery, particularly in contrast with the legendary beautiful wine steward Ganymede.

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Hephaistos was a descendant of Zeus and Hera, the Greek gods’ king and queen, who eventually became the deity of blacksmiths, forges, metalworkers, sculptors, craftsmen . Hephaestus was born hideous and club-footed and his mother Hera hated him in shame at his deformity, flinging him off Mount Olympus. He landed on Lemnos Island where the natives taught him the forge and smithy skills that he later used as the Olympic pantheon ‘s supreme armourer, made their weapons, spears and shields.

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Olympus’ second collapse happened while Hephaestus was already scarred from his first collapse, and even more embarrassing, this one was triggered from his wife. History has it that Hera could not stand the sight of him and his deformed hands, so she tried to erase this sign of a broken dispute with Zeus, and she flung him off Mount Olympus once more. He lived on earth for nine years with the Neriads, who were tended by Thetis and Eurynome. One legend claims that he only returned to Olympus by making for his mother a magnificent throne with a hidden structure locking her within it. Only Hephaestos was allowed to save her, but declined to do so before he was rendered intoxicated to go back to Olympus to save her.

Many epithets are given for hephaestus. Each epithet has the meaning of:[8]

Amphigýeis the “weak one” (including the weak one)
Kyllopodíōn’s “stopping” (“stopping”)
Khalkeus’s “coppersmith”
Klytotékhnēs “renowned digital”
Polýmētis “smart, crafty” or “multiple devices” (multiple devices)
Aitnaîos “Aetnaean,” owing to the supposed place of his laboratory below Mount Aetna[9].

Mini Camera HD 1080P

Night Vision. Motion Sensor. Camcorder. Micro SD Slot.

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  • Night Vision Mode: Yes
  • Package Contents: 1 x Mini Car DVR Camera, 1 x USB / TV Out 2-in-1 Cable, 1 x Bracket, 1 x Clip, 1 x User Manual in Chinese and English 1 x retail box
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great quality for the price ,might buy another, and night mlde works great, just wish the battery was bigger

Instructions – Only a few buttons are available. User interface is not great. This is to be expected from a device that is so small.

  • On the case sq11-two buttons “power” and “mode”. Turn on and off the camera-hold the “power” button. After turning on, the camera is in standby recording mode 720 p.
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DoorStop Alarm Combo Gadget for Corona Lockdown

The door stopper uses a sensor that detects pressure to trigger the alarm. We checked it with all sorts of doors, and on both concrete and wood floors. The anti-slip padding at the bottom prevents opening of the door. We used it on vinyl, carpet floors as well and it completely avoids opening the screen. The machine has a toggle on and off, and low battery indicator.

This system needs neither wires nor tough installations. It derives its power from one nine-volt battery, this is not a part of this kit, you will have to buy it individually. The pressure-sensitive alarm should be mounted in an area at the bottom of your building. Then the tool will give

This is an alarm which is primed to 120 dB. The alarm will avoid opening the door. You can take this door stop warning with you while you’re driving. Everything you have to do is put it behind the door. If the door begins to open then there’s the exact wedge-shaped mechanism to stop the door from opening. This will set off an alarm of 120 dB. Intruders get afraid of this noise and you are going to get warned, too.

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Watches – Wrist & Pocket

Custom Face Watches

 there is a quote that says time is not the enemy time is everything

Create Custom WatchFace. send in your own picture that you would like to have put on the face of a wristwatch or pocket watch

My Favourites

 ok so I love I have a thing for pocket watches I think they’re really cool I think it gives you a much more personal experience but the time as if you can hold time in your hand

 I think when you use a pocket watch in you hold this timepiece in your hand you can get a a greater affinity for for your timepiece and that may improve your outlook on on time and how to manage your time

How Does it Work Zazzle

 no zazzle does both it has artists that sign up and post pieces of art or graphics and then dazzled takes that art and graphics and turns it into a physical product

 in this case zazzle has some Custom Designs that fit inside a circle.  and so they look great on the face of a watch

 I put some of my favourite here however there are so many others to choose from and there is an also an option to

 and the application for this is it would make a a really good and easy gift gift giving as often really difficult and so thought you gotta be so ill try to be really thoughtful.

 but because you can make something so necessary like a timepiece so personal with a particular photograph Ed is a really good bit for a really good gift and Christmas is on its way

Scare Yourself into Better Time Management

 also if you have difficulty managing time like me and there are some things that inspire you to make better use of time.  some things like an image of a flower a flower reminders of time because it doesn’t last long and neither does life

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 or the you can imagine time as like dragon in in the movie Peter Pan the hook is stuck in Neverland is the pirate and Neverland and the Crocodile represents time and the Crocodile has already taken about bite out of Captain Hook

 Captain Hook is scared of the crocodile and the ticking clock in his belly air we can turn that we can use that fear of time as motivation to live a better life that we can look back on NZ be content with.

 so that is why one of my favorites is this dragon piece because it reminds me that time is like a dragon.  if you are then you can you can slay the dragon of unused potential. you can slay the dragon of wondering what could have been have you been more efficient.

 and so every time I look at this pocket watch I’m reminded to slay that dragon before it eats me.

Remember the Solar System and Constellation make a Big Clock: Astrology

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 and for some of you that type of Philosophy doesn’t resonate some of you like astrology astrology is very tired into the passage of time astrology is essentially time and the solar system and the constellations work together as one enormous clock

 it reminds you to look up it can remind you that the planets and the Stars the constellations are playing a role and how the day is going and how you are feeling and what is coming up on the horizon

 also it just looks really cool

 and then the other one is something to do with Sanskrit I’m not too sure what it means but it looks like a complex pattern the represents something to do with the structure of life and time

 then the chemistry one is just for fun I like just about everything they remind me of the Breaking Bad series.  and chemistry who doesn’t like chemistry. also if you’re kid is an aspiring chemist this might be nice it might even help him study.

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