Crystal Skulls

The natural healing properties inherent in different stones empower crystal skulls, which resonate at different healing and consciousness frequencies. Through intended purpose to help the healing of oneself and others, crystal skulls can be programmed and guided.

There are no right or wrong ways of using the skull, only ways others have described using theirs.

In the specific shape of a crystal skull, artisans use modern equipment such as diamond-tipped saws to cut and form the stone.

By being formed into this form, it is true, the energy of a piece of crystal is modified, but it is always a positive energy.

Ancient Masters recognised crystals ‘ ability to focus and manipulate energy and channel energy and spiritual information at vast bandwidths (through the crystal-like silicon chip our computers do something similar).

Crystals formed into skulls enhance the relation with all of the planet’s human beings. Skulls, especially larger ones, appear to have a soul that can direct and communicate with them. Crystal skulls are used in metaphysics for ceremonial work, healing, energy work, and improving your psychic abilities.

There’s a strange crystal skull. For more than a century, archaeologists, scientists, spiritualists and museum officials have aroused curiosity and controversy.

Crystal Skulls Protects from anger, shifts to your higher self, relieves stress and enhances the aura. It can also be used to clean, unlock, trigger and align all the chakras with this all powerful stone.

Crystal Skull Amethyst, Tiger’s Eye & Lapis Lazuli 🙂

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