No Joker Merch… But Joker Collectibles

Available Here – Go eBay Click Clock Clack

Joker well… It’s is too serious a movie.. to sell merch of this Joker.. Joaquin’s Joker is to close to our current reality of men.. So there are two reasons why Joker is not championed with Merchandise….

  1. It was too good to make toys of it
  2. The isn’t supposed to be toys of real life psycho’s socio and whatever other paths

Reliable China has made some really well made Replica of Joaquins Joker.. Joker damaged, hurt and laughing.. Real shit..

If there is an opportunity to make something.. Something will make something..

This seller has a lot of sales. And consistently nice reviews.. Hell Yeah this ebay seller is not a Joke..

This Head of the Phoenix is Available on eBay – Click Clock Clack your way there – Click Here Joker

So who knew this was a thing? These sellers are only selling the head of the figurine? So i guess that’s is so you can arttach it to whatever figurine you have…. You can make a Joker barbie.. You can make a Joker

Now that You have the Face of the Phoenix… You need the Feathers… Clickity Here Clackity Here...

Oooo… They said no merch available.. Bullsh** anyways this item has a lot of sales.. So people are dresing up there other joker figurines with this new Phoenix OUtfit.. I don’t know… ALso Buyer BewaRE this item is not for your closet.. You Joker.. THis item is for small figurines. SCale is 1:6 so 1 foot tall 12inches..

You could dress your Subway footlong as a JOker.. But you can not expect to wear this item for halloween..

Maybe you prefer the Jared Leto Joker…. Or the Heath Ledger Joker… Dress’em up as the 2019 Joker..